Magickal Merlin Workshop

Magickal Merlin Workshop

Master Merlin is an extremely powerful divine being who helps in manifestation and creates miracles. He is celebrated as an enigmatic mage whose gifts of prophecy and miracle-working have brought him fame in the divine realm.

Merlin is known as ascended master, magician and wizard, among others. Know more about him and learn powerful manifestation rituals both elaborate and quick (30 seconds) for love, success, travel and prosperity. 

Our workshop includes, but is not limited to:

Journey and the 7 principles of Merlin 

Magickal powerful symbols of Merlin 

How to communicate with ascended Master Merlin for self and others

Attunement to 7 Magickal powers and symbol of Merlin

Merlin and elements of Magick

Merlin Cloak magick ritual for Protection 

Merlin’s wand ritual for Health

Merlin’s Globe ritual for Travel

Merlin’s Brick Magick for Money

Merlin’s ritual for Love

1 minute master manifestation ritual with Merlin

How to make Merlin’s Altar and much more

Our workshop participants see several miracles during and after the workshop. 

We have shared testimonials on our Facebook Page – Spiritual Retreat. Check it out here.

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