Tarot Workshop

Tarot Workshop

Life is all about choices and at times we have all the information and required data but we need some additional inputs which are beyond our access, to make the right choice.  You will learn to make good choices for yourself and your clients through Tarot card reading. 

In this workshop, you will learn the true meaning of tarot and how it is much more than just memorizing the traditional meaning of cards. It’s about connecting with your cards and practising. We teach you various techniques to connect with your cards and practice it. 

You will learn self-awareness and self-understanding through the cards, and how to gain intuitive insight. Once these basic stages are covered the workshop moves on to understanding the tarot deck structure. 

The tarot workshop may bring out awareness of your very own divine abilities that you may or may not know you have. Connecting with the divine is key in assisting your learning to the tarot cards and their interoperations through many different spreads to go further in your abilities.

Is this workshop for you?

Our Tarot Workshop is for everyone with an inclination and interest in the divine(can you add something like exploring ones intuitive abilities)

For healers, who want to connect more with the cards by exploring different dimensions and layers that exist to each card and spreads, this workshop equips them with better results for their clients. 

This workshop is also for working professionals and corporate employees who wish to use Tarot for their professional success and to generate an alternate source of income. 

Everyone else including beginners who are curious about Tarot and scared because they aren’t sure of the process, will learn a lot from the Workshop. 

Our workshop includes, but is not limited to:

Major and Minor Arcana

Meditation with Tarot

Cleansing and Charging Tarot Deck

Symbols in Tarot

Tarot and Life Purpose

Psychic Reading 

Tarot and Past Life

Ethics in Tarot 

How to give Daily Card Reading 

How to be a professional Tarot Card Reader

Finding lost items by Tarot

Tarot and Numerology 

Tarot spreads for timing, Yes or No, Guidance, Love, Health, Finances and much more

Tarot spells for Love, Prosperity and Health

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