Archangel Prayer for Prosperity

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Archangel Prayer for Prosperity

Dear God, Goddess, My Guardian Angel

Archangel Michael please remove all kinds of 

Blockages from my finances

Archangel Raphael please heal my finances

Archangel Uriel please bless me with wisdom that 

Will help me to be financially successful and secure

Archangel Gabriel please help me to communicate with myself and others in such a manner that I grow financially rich every day.

Archangel Chamuel please bring to me income from positive

Sources and opportunities of finances that will

Make me financially prosperous and rich.

Archangel Zadkiel please help me to forgive

Anything and anyone including myself so that I

Resonate with the vibration of financial abundance

Archangel Jophiel please beautify my life with

Financial growth, financial abundance, financial security 

Archangel Ariel please bless me with ………… or more (mention the amount) per month. This or better, thank you

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