Prayer during Navratri to Goddess Durga

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Prayer during Navratri to Goddess Durga

Note Say Prayer at any time once every day in Navratri

Supreme Powerful Goddess Durga, my divine mother

You descend in your warrior form in these 9 days to destroy

Evil and restore light.

I welcome you, your 9 powerful manifestations in to

My life and request you to peacefully remove 

All forms of negativity from my and my family’s life and 

Our whole being.

I seek blessings from your 9 forms Maa.

Goddess Shailaputri pls bless me with strength.

Goddess Brahmachrini bless me with strong will power.

Goddess Chandraganta please bless me with peace,

Prosperity & strengthen my aura.

Goddess Kushmanda bless me with creativity & good health.

Goddess Skandamata bless me with divine wisdom.

Goddess Kathyayini bless me with happy and harmonious


Goddess Kalratri please me with your divine

Protection. Goddess Mahagauri please purify my soul &

Wash away my sins.

I bow with love and respect to you my Divine Mother

Goddess Durga and all your 9 forms.

This or better. Thank you

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