Prayer for Ideal Body Weight

Prayer for Ideal Body Weight

Dear God, Goddess, Archangels and my Guardian angels I surrender my weight struggles to you. I really am ready to be fit, be my ideal body weight and ideal body proportion now and forever.

Please remove and heal any vows, karmas, negativity, curses, addictions, lifestyles patterns, mental and physical blockages that are resulting in imbalance in my weight in all directions of time.

Please heal and build my metabolism in such a way that my body naturally maintains its ideal body weight and proportion.

Please motivate me to eat healthy, drink healthy beverages, I also request you to help me to exercise easily, happily, safely and in a healthy manner. Please also help me to be at peace and sleep deeply for 8 hours.

I have complete faith and trust that you will help me to treat my body as divine temple and also release excess body fat and toxins easily and in comfortable way this or better thank you.       

Fitness Miracles your way

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