Tarot Spell for New Year

Tarot Spell for New Year

We all begin new year with new hopes and dreams so let’s use tarot to manifest for new year.

You will need Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, Ace of Swords, Ace of wands as shown above.

Place the cards in one line as above pic and place a white candle in from of each card & say.

I call upon God, Goddess & Archangels 

With the Ace of Pentacles, I experience financial abundance of self-love

With Ace of Swords all negatively cuts and goes to divine light.

With Ace of wands begins success and growth

This or better, thank you.

You can also use green candle for ace of pentacles card, Pink candle for ace of cups, purple candle for ace of swords, Red Candle for ace of wands instead of white. Let the candle burn completely (be careful with fire)

Do this once a week anytime on Wednesday for 5 weeks. Discard the remains of the candle. Spell can be done any time.

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