Pooja For Singles Who Wish to Get Married

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Pooja For Singles Who Wish to Get Married

I learned about this Puja from a friend, who was single and got married by doing this pooja. I tried it and found success too. 

In this pooja, we pray to Lord Guru who blesses his devotees with a happy and successful marriage. I have observed that when singles to this pooja, the quality of proposals improves and if one continues the pooja till they get married then it helps. Follow the instructions given below as it is, and do not make any changes.

  1. Soak 52 or 108 Kabuli Chana or Chickpeas on Wednesday Night, let it remain soaked overnight
  2. On Thursday using thread and needle make a mala or garland of the soaked kabuli chana. Garland can be of 52 or 108 Kabuli Chana. While making the mala chant Om Shri Gurudev Datta.
  3. Go to a temple that has got Navgraha Lords. Ask the pandit out of the 9 lords which one is Lord Guru. Put Garland around him, offer yellow flowers and light a diya. Say this prayer “Dear Lord Guru bless me with a happy successful loving marriage now and forever this or better, Thank you.”

This Pooja has to be done on a Thursday any time except 1 to 3 pm. This has to  be done for a minimum of 52 Thursdays or till you get married whichever time is more. I did this pooja for 108 Thursdays. If you take a break for any reason in between its ok. Even if your marriage gets fixed after doing 10 Thursdays, you have to continue till 52 Thursdays.

The above ritual has helped many of my clients in getting married. I had done it in Navgraha temple, so I can’t comment if it is equally effective if you use a picture to do this pooja. If you find a better way of doing this pooja, you may go ahead, this is the method that I followed and it worked for me. 

Lots of Divine Miracles your way 

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